Harvest Vegetarian

Look what is happening to vegetarian food, we are all eating it for healthy living.  Vegetables and fruit are taking centre stage and are fantastic with herbs and spices and served with rice, potatoes, noodles, pulses and grains.  Our day will go from early morning breakfasts with power shakes, muffins and pancakes to quick easy lunches, snacks and suppers, roast pepper soup, gratin of roast pumpkin, leeks, hazelnuts with a Kilshanny cheese sauce, Cauliflower and broccoli tempura with a Thai ginger dip, big root pie with marinated bramleys and chocolate pecan pie with Irish Mist ice cream and marinated citrus fruits.  These are just a few ideas that show the different dishes that can appear on to day’s vegetarian menu and we will include some of these with others on your morning of cookery.